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Simple and sustainable solutions for complex problems


Every person is unique and so is our approach to individual development. Understanding and adapting to the needs of every person and developing a unique solution for a happier life is what we stand for. Combined with tested and proven solutions, 37° coaching is fast, deep and sustainable. It is unique, with an optional longer-term nudging like a professional sports coach to get the best out of you. It looks deep into what makes you at the core and amplifies the positive aspects of your experience to build an even better future.
37° also offers executive coaching and retreats to deeply understand what drives you, your impact on others and defining your authenticity and leadership style.

Relaxed Businessman


A team is made of unique individuals and as for individual coaching, we do not use a cookie-cutter approach for team evolution. For each team at a certain point, there is one great solution that will propulse them forward. And 37° will find this unique solution together with the team leads. This can be an event or accompanying a team over a longer period. We use state of the art tools and exercises that get the team to increase collaboration, discover and develop rare skills like empathy and resilience. Creating accountability and commitment and a memorable learning opportunity.


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37° supports mid-sized organisations to multinationals with large scale transformation processes. With a unique experience of leading multiple large scale change and transformation projects as Head of Leadership Development or Head HR, with proven impact metrics for our projects, we have a unique mix of in-house and consultant experience.
37° provides a unique experience as a speaker at events and facilitating memorable corporate events.

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