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A HR professional with 20 years of experience, including 16 years in a large multinational in the healthcare industry. I look back to a career as HR Generalist, developing leaders and teams and implementing fully integrated HR solutions in highly matrixed organisations.
I built cross-functional competency and career models, established a holistic Leadership Development function and led worldwide, values-based cultural change programs. I led large transformation projects and is trained as a change expert.
I am passionate about all aspects of culture, using digital technology as an enabler. Influencing large scale behaviours to create a better world have always fascinated me. 
At the same time I am passionate about individual and team development, based on tested and proven methods and tools.

Deeply connected with my family and other activities I constantly learn, sometimes fail and learn again from that. One of my many topics of passion is my motorcycle company Spark Free where I focus on the emotional aspects of motorbiking. 

Why 37°?: for me, it is important to get everybody to where they feel good: 37° is the optimal body temperature.

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